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Birkengold GmbH

Birkengold® - Xylitol and products with xylitol in conventional and organic quality.

Birkengold® sells pure, high-quality xylitol in conventional and organic quality as well as products containing xylitol. Xylitol, also called birch sugar, is a natural sweetener and is ideal for baking and sweetening drinks, jams and desserts. 

Conventional xylitol is traditionally produced from birch and beech bark, while organic xylitol is produced by natural fermentation from organic corn. 

Xylitol has many positive properties:

  • Tastes and sweeten like sugar and, unlike stevia and artificial sweeteners, has no aftertaste or aftertaste.
  • Contains 40% fewer calories than sugar
  • Contributes to the preservation of tooth mineralization
  • Is naturally sugar-free

Xylitol is suitable for diabetics because it has a low glycemic index and can be broken down almost without insulin. 

But xylitol also has a particularly positive effect on dental health. Xylitol has been used in dental care since the 1970s and numerous studies have shown that xylitol

  • Prevents caries because caries bacteria cannot utilize Birkengold® (xylitol),
  • prevents plaque and tartar formation,
  • promotes remineralization of the teeth,
  • creates a basic environment in the oral cavity

Whether you use xylitol as candy, chewing gum, toothpaste or pure as a mouthwash, your teeth will thank you for it. 

Birkengold® Xylitol products (also available in organic quality) 

  • Xylitol in 140g glass
  • Xylitol in resealable 500g refill bag
  • Xylitol in 25kg bag, ideal for all bakers, jam producers and bulk consumers
  • Xylitol sticks: one stick contains 4g of xylitol, perfect to take with you and to go
  • Xylitol Gold dust: finely ground xylitol, as an alternative to powdered sugar

Other products with conventional xylitol:

  • Gelling birch sugar
  • Chocolate-Nut-Cream
  • Fairtrade chocolates
  • Fruit spreads
  • Cookies
  • Tooth powder (in the varieties: mint, orange, herbs & rose)
  • Sustainable toothbrushes
  • Candies (in the varieties: orange, mint)
  • Chewing gum with conventional chewing mass (peppermint, fruit, spearmint and icemint) and chewing gum with natural chewing mass (cinnamon, fruit, spearmint)


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