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DPM Holzdesign GmbH

Blow-in insulation made of 100% wheat straw with European Technical Approval

ISO-straw is an insulation suitable for both blow in and filling methods. It´s made from 100% wheat straw. The installation is suitable for any blown in structure (walls, ceilings, roofs, galleries etc.), the minimum thickness of the installation space is approx. 100mm. 

The straw comes from the direct area around the production plant. ISO-straw can be processed with any regular blow-in machine. No additional blower is needed. The processing time, depending on the machine used and the teams efficiency is around 4,5m³-10m³ per hour at an density of roughly 105kg/m³. ISO-straw is special because it won´t settle and will therefore keep it´s insulating capacities after the installation

Advantages of using straw as an insulation material

  • straw grows as a by-product on the field, and is left as waste after the harvest
  • straw can be processed to make an insulation without altering it´s natural shape
  • ISO-straw is untreated and has natural properties decreasing it´s flammability
  • ISO-straw is the most ecological way to insulate, and the most natural way to live

How to use ISO-straw: WATCH THE VIDEO  


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