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Edeldestillerie Farthofer

Offering Europe’s largest selection of organic brandies, liqueurs and spirits

Edeldestillerie Farthofer produces distillates from organic fruits (apple, pear, plum, apricot, sour cherry, raspberry, grape, blackberry etc.), rum and gin. All raw material (spices, herbs, nuts, etc.) comes from controlled organic agriculture. Besides, of using organic raw material, Farthofer has committed to use recycled or sustainable materials as much as possible. 

Liqueurs (selection)

  • beer liqueur
  • blackberry liqueur
  • eggnog
  • blueberry liqueur
  • raspberry liqueur
  • redcurrant liqueur
  • apricot liqueur
  • quince liqueur
  • chocolate liqueur
  • sour cherry liqueur
  • lemon liqueur
  • plum liqueur

Noble brandies (selection)

  • spirit of anise
  • mountainflower schnaps
  • perry spirit
  • bread spirit
  • gentianist
  • hazelnut spirit
  • elderflower spirit
  • pear brandy
  • apricot spirit


  • Green Awards 2016: honored by the British “The Drinks Business Magazine” with the Sustainability Award 2016 for Spirits.
  • IWSC Trophy Award: For the world’s best vodka 2012. Out of 2400 submissions from 96 countries, the O. Vodka was voted world best in its category.
  • O. Gin (1st place, Mixology Gin-Test-Award)
  • O. Rum (Falstaff Bar & Spirit Guide)
  • VIKTUALIA Award: for the Bread Spirit, which Farthofer created from old bread and thus preserved the bread from the garbage


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A-1010 Wien

Office Address Lower Austria
Niederösterreich-Ring 2, Haus A
A-3100 St. Pölten