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Green-Bag concentrated: Organic fruit juice concentrates for self-mixing. Conserves resources and saves CO2.

100 % organic fruit juice - 80 % saving of CO2 - 66% less waste

Enjoy 100% organic fruit juices and reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time? It's possible!
Green-Bag concentrates solely on the important, does without the transport of water over long distances and fills the pure, organic fruit juice concentrate without added sugar into a small, resource-saving 200ml Tetra Pak package.

This is how easily 66% waste and 80% transport volume can be saved.

Because: Why do around 80% of water have to be transported unnecessarily across the country to consume 1 litre of fruit juice? The organic fruit juice concentrates for self-mixing are a resource-saving solution. Simply pour fresh water into a pack of Green-Bag concentrated, enjoy and live sustainability.  

Simply mix instead of heavy dragging!
Practical and a valuable contribution to environmental protection!

The organic fruit juice concentrates from Green-Bag are available in the following varieties:

  • BIO Orange concentrated: from 100% sun-ripened organic oranges
  • BIO Apple concentrated: from juicy fresh organic apples
  • BIO Multi concentrated: a colourful, mild mixture of apples, oranges, grapes, pineapples, lemons, bananas and peaches


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