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Kern Tec GmbH

Seeds, edible and cosmetic oils, protein and baking flours & shell granulates made from stone fruit seeds.

New Seeds, New Opportunities

Kern Tec is specialized in the gentle, sustainable processing of stone fruit stones and pursues a 100% reuse philosophy. For the production of seeds, finest oils, protein and baking flours as well as shell granulates, Kern Tec relies exclusively on carefully selected raw materials from regional fruit growers and processing companies (from organic and conventional agriculture).

Kern Tec is based in Austria and works according to the strictest European standards and guarantees safe products through accredited laboratories and food authorities.


  • Varieties: apricot seeds, sour and sweet cherry seeds, plum seeds
  • Unique seeds, made in Austria
  • From organic and conventional agriculture
  • Available packaging: 25kg bags or big bags

Finest oils

  • Varieties: apricot, sour cherry, plum
  • 100 % natural, cold-pressed oils from selected, high quality and sustainable raw materials
  • The various stone fruit seed oils are also an enrichment for countless cosmetic products, due to their natural source of vitamins, elements and minerals - they contain no additives such as flavours, flavour enhancers, preservatives or artificial colourings.
  • From organic or conventional agriculture
  • Origin - Austria and EU
  • Available packaging: canisters (plastic/plate) or glass bottles (100-1000ml incl. labelling)

Protein and baking flours

  • Varieties: plum seed flour, apricot kernel flour, sour cherry kernel flour
  • Naturally high protein content of up to 60%, suitable for bakery and confectionery products, pasta, muesli, bars and yoghurts
  • Vegan, gluten-free, suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Availability - single-variety or mixed
  • From organic or conventional farming
  • Origin - Austria and EU
  • Available packaging: 25 kg paper bags or big bags

Shell granulates

  • Processing of the shells of the different kernel types (apricot, cherry, plum and peach) into high-quality cosmetic and pharmaceutical flours/powders/peelings as well as into industrial granulates (for blasting and abrasives, abrasives for conveyor systems, filter media and polishing granulate application)
  • Availability - single-variety or mixed
  • Available packaging: 25 kg paper bags or big bags


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Office Address Lower Austria
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