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Paddies by Selectum GmbH

Paddies – the healty snack, full of protein, glutenfree, palm oil free, sugar free, baked and not fried, filled with tasty cheddar cheese cream.

Snack & Smile

Paddies - the news savoury snack innovation from Lower Austria.

Paddies are tasty and healthy wafer-thin, baked paddies filled with tasty cheddar cheese cream. Crispy and creamy soft, Paddies will delight every snack lover.

Developed especially for the needs of young people, Paddies are a healthy snack for the small appetite in between and therefore the better alternative to chips and Co. Paddies are gluten-free, baked - not fried and they do not contain any palm oil.

  • The flour comes from rice and chickpeas, the wheat starch is gluten-free.
  • Paddies are not fried but baked. This saves fat.
  • Paddies have bite size and contain a lot of protein.
  • Qualitative rapeseed oil is used instead of palm oil.
  • The production of the Paddies is 100% CO2-free.
  • Paddies are sugar free.

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