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VWMS GmbH - Vienna Water Monitoring Solutions

Instrument for rapid and fully automatic monitoring of microbiological water quality.

The ColiMinder®, developed by VWMS, is a device for rapid and fully automatic measurement of bacterial contamination in water. It provides results on microbiological contamination within 15 minutes. Process monitoring and control as well as early warning systems in the event of contamination are now possible in real time for the first time, dramatically increasing the efficiency and safety of water treatment processes and supply networks.

The technology has already been in use in installations around the globe in many applications since 2014, and its reliability and robustness are impressive.

ColiMinder® can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from drinking water, food and beverage production, wastewater, surface and bathing water, industrial process water to monitoring the function of membranes.

ColiMinder® is already successfully used in these applications:

  • Real-time measurements of E.coli bacteria, enterococci and total bacteria count
  • Monitoring and early warning systems
  • Process control and optimisation
  • Scientific studies
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality in beverage production and bottling


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