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Weizenfrei Produktions GmbH

Wheat-free, lactose-free and gluten-free baked goods

"Go wheat-free"

Are you looking for wheat-free and gluten-free bread and pastries?

Then get to know Europe’s best wheat-free and gluten-free bread and pastries. “Weizenfrei” products are for everyone who lives a modern, health & nutrition-conscious lifestyle as well as for those who suffer from coeliac disease.

“Weizenfrei” is a young and innovative bakery from Austria, specialised in producing 100% wheat-free and gluten-free bread, rolls and confectionery in accordance with the highest quality standards of the food industry. The bakery creates extraordinary products with raw materials that are naturally gluten-free, such as buckwheat flour, whole oat and rice flour, quinoa flour, corn, potato and tapioca starch (starch from the cassava root), oat flakes & oatmeal, buckwheat & buckwheat flakes, flea seeds, kernels & seeds. The products taste delicious and the price is comparable to organic products.

All raw materials as well as the finished bread and rolls are regularly tested and analysed in the laboratory. “Weizenfrei” is IFS (International Food Standard) certified and a certified gluten-free company.

Product range:

  • Handmade bread (from gluten-free sourdough): buckwheat bread, grain bread, oat bread, sunflower bread, sandwich, superfood or 7-seeds bread, white round bread, baguette, breadflower
  • Handmade pastries (made from gluten-free sourdough): pumpkin roll, white bun, mini-grain baguette, sunflower roll, buckwheat bun, mini-grain-sesame bun, roll, mini baguette, chiabatta
  • Croissants & puff pastries: available with different fillings (e.g. chocolate, vanilla)
  • Cupcakes & cakes: muffins (double chocolate, blueberry, apple-cinnamon), sponge cake roll, chocolate cake, apple crumble cake
  • Convenience & dry assortment: apricot or curd pancake, kaiserschmarrn, strawberry or apricot dumplings, bread crumbs, bread cubes, Christmas cookies

Sales concepts:

  • Freezer shelf / freezer bags: the "Weizenfrei" product range is available in high-quality freezer bags, customized packaging and pastry sizes as well as private label are possible.
  • Bake off / baking foil: bread and pastries are available deep-frozen in baking foil (paper or plastic) - 100% free of contamination


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Office Address Lower Austria
Niederösterreich-Ring 2, Haus A
A-3100 St. Pölten