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ecoplus International is a non-profit, government-funded agency that offers support to companies with their export activities – in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and beyond. Our services are provided free of charge. 


ecoplus International helps you to find your ideal Lower Austrian business partner.


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Gabriele Forgues

Managing Director, ecoplus International

References – a selection of our clients

The Lower Austrian start-up BMB invented the worldwide first procedure for mold removal from any material. With the products of BMB mold removal has become an easy undertaking. The innovative BMB mold removal kit extracts mold from walls, masonry, wood, etc. in a dust-free and contactless manner. The team of ecoplus International helped BMB to establish itself on the market in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and SwedenRead more about the company.

APV's is an international player and specialist for the development of spreading, sowing as well as cultivation equipment for the farming of grassland, arable farming, fruit and vegetable growing and (municipal) winter road maintenance. The team of ecoplus International provided support with the internationalization process in Romania, Russia and Turkey. Read more about the company.

The Lower Austrian company Doraplast is a specialist and pioneer for the development of bioplastics
Under the brand name "Biodora" the company sells bioplastics for household and technical articles. The products are produced from renewable raw materials - free from genetic engineering, plasticizer and animal ingredients. The Team of ecoplus International supports with the market entry in Poland, Hungary and Sweden. Read more about the company.


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We have made a selection of the most important organic food and construction companies in Lower Austria.

organic food & non food | construction, building and infrastructure companies | baking & confectionery requirements




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